Benefits of cogeneration

This Post is a continouation of my previous post on Types of cogeneration systems. I have listed the benefits and advantages of using cogeneration system in your factory.

By product
The power produced by na industrial cogeneration system is a by-product of the process which may or may not match the power demands of the industry.

Fuel economy
Electricity abotained by industries through cogeneration consumes only about a half of the fuel (coal, oil or gas) that a convetional power station needs to generate it. The cogeneration system has a fuel efficiency of 60% to 70%, whereas the latter has no more that 30% to 35%.

Important indirect benefits flowing from fuel economy include savings in transportation cost of the fuel as well as reduced pollution.

Fuel conversation
Cogeneration, if exploited from every possible source and in every possible way, is not only an economical source of energy, but also a source of conservation of fuel.

Energy efficiency
Cogeneration is a convenient way of improving overall energy efficiency. Maximum energy efficiency is realized when energy loss is minimized. By capturing and using otherwise wasted thermal energy, the overall energy efficiency of a cogenerating system can be twice that of a conventional power plant producing electricity.

Quality of supply
Cogeneration entiles simpler equipment due to usage of lower temperatures and pressures, and almost completely obviates transmission and distribution. Hence it output is far less vulnerable to interruption than the grid. Voltage of supply can also be much better controlled.


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